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Bouquets Shown Below are €55                  

Sympathy Wreath 

Beautiful meaningful wreaths with Personalised Messages attached. 

Sympathy & Funeral Wreaths From €45
Personalised Messages

Arrangements and Bouquets for every occasion 

Birthday, Anniversary, New Home, New Baby
Goodbye, Sorry 
The Occasions are endless.....

Colourful and Unique From €40 Upwards
Positively Pink
Harvest Gold
Card Included

wedding arrangments and larger arrangements also available on request 

Caring For Your Gift...
Water....Your arrangement needs water as fresh flowers and foliage are in it, so water the tray regularly, dont let it dry it. If its a hanging tray, then take off and water like a flat tray. You can also spray the wreath to revitalise.  
Light....Your arrangement does not like the sun I'm afriad so keep away from direct sunlight.
Heat....Yet again heat is not suitable as it will dry out the foliage and flowers so keep to a cool room if possible.
Dead Head.... When you see any flower heads wilting or dying off, remove so as to avoid decaying material contaminating the rest of the arrangement. 

Some of your arrangement can be reused and recycled  for example the tray/picks/cones/raffia/stems. I will issue a National Scratch Card to anyone who makes a return of these!

Keep Away From Children as some flowers or foliage may have berries or thorns which could be harmful. The arrangements also contain wires to keep items in place so best not to have children at them!